A Homeopathic Welcome

Roger Savage MA RSHom FSHom

A Homeopathic Welcome 23rd February 2019

As a homoeopath my aim is to help you to become healthier in general. Using homoeopathy I aim to consider you as a whole person rather than just individual symptoms, and so will try to build up an image of you as whole. Homoeopathy is thus a truly holistic system.

For you homoeopathy may be a completely new and very different experience, but it has been established for over two hundred years. You will find that its principles are in accord with basic wisdom and your own efforts towards long-term health.

As a homoeopath I need to be an acute listener and observer - my task is primarily to elicit your symptom picture and match this to a remedy. So I want to hear your story and listen sympathetically, without making any value judgements, and match this information with homoeopathic remedy pictures to aim to find the right one. To do this I must know all your symptoms and sensations clearly: this includes mental, emotional and physical levels, and such aspects as general energy, effects of environment, and anything that may have caused you to start feeling unwell.

A more detailed description of the patient-practitioner consultation process is given in the 'More on Homoeopathy' section.

To discuss any aspect of homoeopathy, and to make an appointment, please do get in touch with me:

Roger Savage MA DSH RSHom FSHom
Tel: 01799 524442 Mobile: 07889 989398 Email: roger.savage@btconnect.com
Skype: rogerrshom1
I am based in Saffron Walden (Essex), and from there can make home visits in that area and the Cambridge area (and visit London by special arrangement). But online via Skype is the easiest way to meet. You will be most welcome!

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